Marlins make official contract offer to Mets’ SS Jose Reyes

Fans of the New York Mets knew that this day was coming.  We weren’t sure which team it would be, but we knew that some team would make an offer to homegrown Mets shortstop, Jose Reyes.  Well, earlier today, we learned that the Marlins were the first team to offer Reyes a contract for his services.  The problem is, the offers likely won’t be limited to the Marlins.  The Mets will face a fierce competition for Reyes’ services.  It’s rumored that the New York Mets will have a payroll of about $110 mil in 2012.  This means that the Mets must have a set price in mind for Reyes, if they are going to stick to that budget and still add pieces this offseason.

If the Marlins are the team that signs Reyes away from the Mets, what will become of Hanley Ramirez?  Perhaps the Marlins would look go move him over to 3B?  It’s not shocking that the Marlins would look to make a splash considering they are opening a new ballpark and have to get people to buy those horrendous new uniforms.

Reyes is coming off his best year as a professional for the Mets and the timing couldn’t be better.  We would guess that Reyes will likely get a 4 or 5 year deal at about $20+ mil per season.  It will be the length of the contract that likely wins the Reyes derby.  Will the Mets offer him more than 4 years?  SHOULD the Mets offer him more than 4 years?  It’s said that Reyes likes to play in New York and likes the Mets….but how much, if any, of a hometown discount will he offer the Mets?  We’ll probably know within the coming weeks.

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  1. BallparkBob November 8, 2011 10:52 pm 

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