Mets can kiss him goodbye, Reyes expected to sign with Marlins

Stories surrounding the New York Mets shortstop, Jose Reyes, have been surfacing for the last couple of days. Those reports indicated that the home-grown Reyes is about to depart the Mets for the new look Miami Marlins.  According to Buster Olney, he thinks the deal will be for 5 years worth roughly $18-$20 mil per season.  It’s not known whether or not the Mets have had an opportunity to match that offer or outbid the Marlins.  If the Marlins were to sign Reyes away from the Mets, they would land one of the bigger free agents of the offseason.  They would likely shift Hanley Ramirez to third base to make room for Reyes.

But where does Reyes’ departure leave the Mets?  Unfortunately, it leave the Mets without a leadoff hitter and without the dynamic spark that once resided at short stop.  The Mets will likely replace Reyes with Ruben Tejada (I’m cringing as I type those words).  Yes, Tejada hit better last season and his defense has always been solid…but you are talking about losing a good defense shortstop AND the guy who won the batting title in 2011…..oh, that same guy who scored a bunch of runs for the Mets during his time in New York.

I think the main reason that Reyes is leaving is the length of the contract.  He’s battled injury problems with the Mets and the new Mets’ regime, likely, did not want to give him more than a 4 year deal.  The Marlins, desperate to attract fans to their new stadium, seem more willing to take a risk.  After all, they are now the Miami Marlins and have, quite possibly, the ugliest uniforms I have ever seen.  With the signing of Reyes, Marlins fans will have to purchase the atrocious new uni’s, since a Reyes jersey won’t be available in the old Marlins colors….on the clearance rack.

If Reyes does, in fact, leave for the Marlins, this could be a day we look back and say just how smart the Mets were….or the day that just when we thought it couldn’t get any worse…it did.

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