Mets ace gets shafted, LaRussa picks Cain over Dickey to start All Star Game

New York Mets fans were waiting patiently to find out if their ace, RA Dickey would be starting the All Star Game tomorrow night.  Instead, Tony LaRussa, the National League Manager, gave them a swift kick in the junk.  According to WFAN, Tony LaRussa will name Giants pitcher Matt Cain as the National League starting pitcher.  Cain did throw a perfect game earlier this season, however his numbers just don’t match RA Dickey’s.  Cain is 9-3 on the season and Dickey is 12-1.  Cain has a 2.62 ERA compared to Dickey’s 2.41 ERA.

This got us to wondering.  Did the ‘genius’ Tony LaRussa also think that Sam Bowie was the better choice for the Trail Blazers in 1984 (over Michael Jordan)?  Did he think the Colts made a mistake when they drafted Peyton Manning over Ryan Leaf?  Did he think that Rocky 5 was a good idea?  You know, the one with Tommy Gunn in it?  Yeah, that movie sucked.

I Mets’ fans can’t be all that upset because, after all, this All Star Game, despite MLB’s efforts, is still an exhibition game.  It would have been great for the Mets’ 37 year old to get the honor of starting.  Actually, it would probably have made strategic sense to have Dickey start because his knuckleball would helped throw off the starters for the American League (although they’ll probably only play 3-4 innings). Ultimately, I think LaRussa hates the New York Mets and didn’t want to see Dickey start…..or Buster Posey told him he didn’t want to catch a knuckleballer…….or he’s been out of baseball for too long (8 months) to remember what a good managerial decision is……or he has a mangina.  Who knows?  In the end, Dickey will get his chance to pitch tomorrow night and it’ll be a great honor. However, I wouldn’t be too upset if a knuckleball found it’s way at LaRussa at some point.

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  1. Ron July 9, 2012 4:58 pm 

    Dickey did not get shafted, he’s combine 22-28 with a ERA over 5.00 when he was in the american league. This AL line-up would show why he was 22-28 in the AL. AL hitters know knuckleballers, and they owned him. He’s after a great start, but not’s forget he was 8-13 in 32 starts last year. Let him rest, and enjoy the atmosphere of the All-Star game. The Mets are going to him a lot in the second half.

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